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Uzi Amrani was born in 1977 fourth of eight siblings and raised in a National Religious home. As a child he took painting, music and writing classes which shaped his approach to his future work.

For a decade he worked as a costume designer. He gained wide recognition culminating in him winning the Ophir Award (Israeli equivalent to the Academy Awards) for Best costume Design for his work on the TV series Shtisel. Following, Amrani studied product design. In 2020, with the outbreak of Corona, he rediscovered the world of painting. This was his gateway to other artistic mediums.  

In 2007, already a father with a family of his own, Amrani, following his military service as a medic in Lebanon, experienced PTSD. Life in the shadow of the trauma led him to depression, distancing and detachment from the world and, ultimately, to break off of relations with family and immediate surroundings. Dealing with these processes is still a daily work for him.

The “PTSD” series of works deal directly with the processing of memories and events of his military experience and also as implied to his current life occurrences.

Amrani engages in art out of longing for the past but, also, out of a strong yearning for the good things that are in the present while dealing with his life experiences from a perspective of recovery and repair.

Amrani creates in a range of mediums – sculpture, painting, printing, textiles and video and works with a variety of repurposed materials which articulate his life story: IDF uniforms, army blankets, plastic toy soldiers, photographs of his children, texts from the Bible,  Jewish writings and images from his daily life. Most of them deal with the layered emotional baggage which he carries with him.
 From these materials and symbols Amrani creates new objects, scenes and stories that relate to him personally while, also, telling the personal/collective story of men harmed by their military service in a way which is not visible to the naked eye.

Amrani stitches and unravels, literally and conceptually, one patch after another of his life story. He rebuilds memories from the past and creates new ones in the present. He creates, conceals, writes, erases, builds, deconstructs and … reassembles. He creates images with an internal, intimate and personal context alongside universal, collective and global images. His passion and sense of mission spur him to express and shout deep silences in his life and to transform them into the voices of many other people as well.

Uzi Amrani is a graduate of stage set and costume design studies at the Rakefet Levi School of Stage Art Design (2005), he has a diploma in product design from Holon Institute of Technology (2019), attended a continuing education program in painting and drawing under the artist Boaz Levental (2020), and at the Hakolel Studios with Guy Avital and Ran Tenenbaum (2020). Since 2021 he is attending the “Personal Program” at The Faculty of Arts – Hamidrasha at Beit Berl College.